Female Viagra "Addyi" Information Source

An Experience Finally Reaches True Equality



Personal experiences and the advent of technology


     It’s easy to simply nod and move on if a subject has been described as personal. To a lot of people this means that the discussion is over. It’s often seen as shorthand for a topic being a bit too close to home. But a reporter recently discussed her experiences with the new female viagra. To be more specific, it’s known as addyi. She wasn’t just able to offer up a lot of information on the substance itself. In the process of writing about the medicine she shed a bit of light on the whole concept of privacy. Because for a lot of people, discussions of female libido are rather off limits. Too much, too little it really doesn’t matter. It’s usually considered off the table of discussion unless with someone very close. But that doesn’t really work very well for new treatments relating to libido problems. There’s not going to be many other people out there taking it. So someone, like the reporter, really talking about it becomes a rather big deal.



Her findings on the female viagra


     What she found wound up being rather impressive. The short of it is that she renewed the prescription because of how effective it was for her. But the reasoning behind that decision is probably going to help a lot of people. One of the big reasons for her decision comes down to mechanism of action. There’s one big difference between the male and female viagra. For men, it’s less about treating libido as it is physical issues with the reproductive system. But for women, the actual issue comes from transmission and processing between that system and the brain. Basically, the medicine creates a more hospitable environment for the brain to process signals related to intimacy. The end result is quite similar between the two medicines. But at the same time it’s clear why this new area of research was needed.